European Day of Languages in 4A


We went on an imaginary train journey to Paris where we visited Le Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Notre Dame Cathedral and Disneyland.

We did an activity at each place and then wrote postcards to Mrs Coupe.

To finish the day, we went to a French cafe where we ate baguettes, Brie, Emmental, blueberry conserve and wine.

Have a look through the gallery to see some of the wonderful things that we learnt about:

Year 4a’s #MOSI video


Watch the video to see all the exciting things that class 4a took part in at MOSI yesterday –  including clips from the live show!

Class 4a trip to MOSI, Manchester


The children all had a super learning experience today at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry! As well as taking part in lots of exciting experiments, they were also treated to a thirty minute show, exploring  the evolution of flight. Many of the children were asked to voulunteer to help out and even Miss McMurray got in on the act.  Please click here to see all the photographs from today’s trip. Update: Apologies the link above should now be working!


Year 4A A cooking extravaganza! #cookathon @ChildFoodTrust


Fabulous to see so many of our youngsters working collaboratively by cooking together. Another great result!


Choir rehearsals at The Winter Gardens


At lunch time today, members of the choir (including 4A) went along to the Winter Gardens in Blackpool for the final rehearsal before tonight’s Blackpool music Festival Annual Christmas Festival. Everything went well and we look forward to seeing as many of you this evening at what will be a truly amazing performance.

For full details of the show, please visit:


Just to get you in the mood, here is a picture from the Blackpool gazette from the 2013 performance: 11th annual christmas festival  

A story starter


I was having an amazing day the sun was out and we were going to Manchester . I forgot my packed lunch was toast ……..
by Louisa.

Sports relief.


Today we have to run 1 mile for Sports Relief……………..

Well done!


Well done 4a I have been really impressed with your effort and behaviour this week.
We work together well as a team.
Go team 4a!!
Mrs McMurray.



Today class 4a has been out on a trip. We went to mosi which stands for museum of science and industry. It was in Manchester. We went on mini buses. When we got there we went in the rooms of the first things like the first type of computer. Then we had lunch. After lunch we went in an experiments room and we had absolutely loads of fun. After that we went to the sewers. We all enjoyed it then we went back to school on the mini buses. Solomon.

Science Week.


The Children in 4A have been looking at colour during Science week.

They have made rainbows from milk, washing up liquid and red, blue and yellow dye.

Picture 021

4A have learnt about primary colours and how they work. They made colour wheels with only the colours red, blue and yellow on them. They then span them and watched all of the colours they created.

Picture 007

Picture 003

4A have made our own lava lamps and looked at how the colours wouldn’t mix with oil but would in water.  They poked the colour through the oil and watched it mix with the water.


Picture 017 Picture 015 Picture 018

4A also looked at how our eyes process colours. They looked at a green star for 30 seconds and then looked at a white piece of paper. They were amazed to see a red star on the paper.

The reason for this is when you look at a green image for a long time the green cones cells in your eye are stimulated so much that after a while they adapt to the light and lose their sensitivity. When you then start looking at the white box you see white light of the  background minus the green (as the green cones are temporarily not working), leaving the  red light and red afterimage behind (the red cones are still functioning normally). Other pairs  of colours will also give colour afterimages: blue and yellow, and black and white.

They then tried this with other images and worked out what colours would work.  Then made some flags for their partners and teachers to try.

Picture 001 Picture 002 Picture 008 Picture 009 Picture 010 Picture 011 Picture 012 Picture 013 Picture 014

Can you work out what colours our flags were in the afterimage?

What country does the flag Madison is holding belong to?
Could you draw any other flags by swapping the colours around to make the correctly coloured afterimage?

The children have thoroughly enjoyed Science week and enjoyed trying some of these things at home with their parents too.

Well done 4A you have worked hard.

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